City Paintings

City Paintings by James Bartholomew


New York is one of my favorite cities – and a sharp contrast to the deserted coves of Cornwall! I find travelling by bike the best way to explore and get beneath the surface of the city. My favourite subject has to be the view down an avenue, against the sun at the end of the day, with all the busy detail diffusing into a blue haze.

 Venice is a place I regularly visit to paint being a perfect combination of all the elements I’m drawn to. Colorful crumbling render and rust surrounded by beautifully architectured shapes could hardly fail to produce an interesting subject. The unlikely green of the canals adds a further element. As always, I find it’s at it’s best when illuminated by strong sun, particularly very early in the morning or just before the sun disappears.

All paintings are available on the OWN ART scheme - paid in 10 monthly installments - INTEREST FREE. Please ask for details.

All prices include VAT.

Paintings of Cities that are currently available are shown below:



  1. Gondola on the Grand Canal, January morning

    Gondola on the Grand Canal, January morning


    Original painting in watercolour & pastel


     Image size: 35.5 x 90cm

     Approximate framed size: 65 x 120cm

     Framed in large square dark brown wood


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