The 11 balls of yellow fluff that we acquired last August are now fully fledged, fully feathered, fully vocal chickens. There are 3 cockerels amongst them which don’t seem to be able to tell the time (crowing at first light- fine, 2am – not so much!). Also, they’ve all gradually abandoned a warm, safe, dry & spacious chicken coop in favour of a conifer tree where all but one (and her 2 new chicks) have eloped to. Still, as long as they’re happy…! We’re certainly enjoying the eggs.

Anyway, the cockerels are now amazing creatures to look at with colourful and impressive plumage, strutting around the garden like avian Mick Jaggers. As soon as I get round to it, I plan to do a series of studies of them, maybe even some larger scale work. In the meantime, can you get bark collars for chickens??!