My 8 year old daughter Amelie, and her class from school recently paid a visit to my studio to watch me paint.

Following a quick look round the gallery, they sat down on my studio floor to watch how a cow came about.

Using large brushes to put down broad areas of colour is always the starting point for me with any ‘refinement’ coming much later.
This way the picture slowly starts to emerge and make sense (think Rolf Harris!) which the kids seemed to like.
By far their favorite bit however was when I explained how I like to flick and throw the paint on to suggest splats of mud & flies. This basically translates to making a mess which, to kids, is Christmas come early! I have to admit, it’s my favorite bit too!

Working on a larger scale, as I do, with big brushes and dishes full of mixed paint, does allow you to ‘get stuck in’ which, for me, adds a great deal to the process. Paint strokes are done with the arms rather than just the fingers and standing up at an easel keeps the energy up in a painting.

It suits me anyway and it certainly seemed to keep the kids entertained!!