As romantic and authentic as it may have been, my studio in the top of the windmill tower wasn’t without it’s problems.
It’s double height space and ‘retreat-like’ position, not to mention terrific views, made it an almost perfect workroom.
However, the windmill dates back to 1789 and was built for industrial use. Despite extensive restoration over the years, the top area of the windmill still sometimes feels like that – dampness being the main issue.

So my newly refurbished studio back at ground level is a breath of fresh air (literally!). I’ve designed it with the things that matter in mind, ie. space and tonnes of light.
Being whitewashed throughout,  makes it bright enough to need sunglasses which is great. However, I can’t help but feel slightly guilty as each drop of paint splats onto the pristine white floor.

Nothing stays new for long I suppose!