An exhibition of paintings from Provence by James Bartholomew
4th APRIL 2020
Last autumn, I made a spontaneous trip to the Luberon region of Provence, hoping to catch the last of the summer light. At this point in the year, there is always a risk of the sun and intense colours losing out to cloud, damp and general greyness, which just doesn't work for my painting. As it turned out, the timing was perfect!
While the lavender was no longer in flower and the sunflowers had all gone, the vines were starting to change from green to red and everything was taking on a very orangey autumn tinge. There was still a little harvesting activity but for the most part, there was a calm and quiet air of winding down. The skies were clear and bright for almost the entire duration of the trip.

Early mornings, while cold and sharp, presented some of the most striking subjects, along with the last light of the day when the low sun and long blue shadows provided the perfect complement to the warm hues of the crops and the white render of the farm buildings and villas. 
The ever-present backdrop of the Luberon Mountains, which often appears as a diffused blue ghost of itself through the thick warm air, is a beautiful sight and became a regular feature in the paintings.

Only occasionally does a painting excursion go this well and I quickly decided that such a fruitful trip deserves it’s own exhibition. I decided to dedicate the subsequent six months to producing a group of paintings to show here at my gallery in the spring. I'm delighted with how they're working out and it's promising to be a vibrant and uplifting show; a fitting way to welcome in the spring and, I hope, a distraction from the bizarre situation we find ourselves in at the moment. There are still one or two  on the easel that I hope will be finished in time for the 4th April!

Paintings in the exhibition will be added to the website on the 4th April 2020.
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