Well I’m 12 months too late for any bandwagon as far as London is concerned, but as a subject it’s not something that’s really leapt out at me until now.

A few weeks ago however, we’d gone to London for a family trip. It was particularly cold but for the most part, there were clear blue skies and uninterrupted sun. The kind of sun that makes everything seem tickety boo!

The first morning, I woke early and took a look out of the hotel window. The sun was already doing the honours but there was a thick low mist on the river which, with the bright light at such a low angle, was as dramatic as it was stunning. Since everyone else was still asleep, I quickly grabbed by sketch book and camera (you never know when you might need them!) and before you could say ‘latte to go!’, I was down on the embankment!

With most of the physical form of the landscape invisible or greatly diffused through the mist, the scene here was really just about light falling on vapour and the result was amazing!

When Claude Monet began the impressionist movement and pioneered the approach of ‘painting light’ rather than objects, he unveiled the painting ‘Impression, Sunrise’ depicting Westminster Bridge and the Houses of Parliament in a soft diffused light. With no small coincidence, this was exactly the scene before me now, in equally striking conditions. It was the kind of subject you only come accross occasionally, if you’re lucky.

Suffice to say, within an hour I’d collected lots of material to work from and it’s kept me busy ever since (please watch the website for the finished pieces). I’m delighted with the results anyway and really looking forward to going back to do more. Can’t imagine getting so lucky with the conditions again though!