Dingle, buffalo and new oils…

Visitors to the gallery often ask me ‘what’s new?’, ‘where have I been to paint recently?’ or ‘where am I off to next?’.  It seemed about time then, that I should put some ‘recent happenings’ into a newsletter to keep anyone that’s interested up to date…


Stow-on-the-Wold Exhibition

Last weekend I was in Stow-on-the-Wold for the private view of my latest exhibition at Clarendon Fine Art.  A lovely gallery in a beautiful town.
Thank you to everyone who visited the exhibition and thanks also to Oliver and all the gallery team – especially for providing me with the Guinness!
The night before the exhibition preview was a perfect early summer’s eve so I went for a run to explore the countryside around Blockley where we were staying.  I had a bit of a surprise when I came across a field of buffalo! I don’t suppose it’s any more unusual than a herd of Longhorn cattle but it still made for a strange sight. Impressive beasts anyway - I think I feel a painting coming on!

Had to laugh at this post box a bit further down the hill…

Southwest Ireland Trip

At the end of March, following weather reports of huge waves and pretty wild conditions, I made a trip to Dingle, Southwest Ireland. As hoped, the seas were big and dramatic and when combined with the low sun that appeared towards the end of each day, made for some great subjects.

The thunderous noise of this kind of sea hitting rocks and the scale of the waves make for an awesome scene. Driving wind and rain always adds to the occasion and as is often the case in these conditions, I’m the only person for miles.


A great trip anyway and I’m really enjoying working on the new paintings. Here’s ‘Seamus’ the Irish Wolfhound from Milltown House where I stayed in Dingle. My springer Jess was in the boot trying to be invisible.

New Oil Paintings
Since coming back from Ireland I’ve been working on a few oil paintings. It’s been some years since I worked in this media but I’m really enjoying it and making a mess of the studio in a whole different way!
The vibrancy and depth in the colours are very different to the chalky nature of gouache and pastel that I’m more used to. Not certain where it will lead but I’m happy to follow my nose with this one.
One of the new oils in progress:

The newsletter will now be a regular monthly feature, so look out for my next update and please let me know if you have any suggestions.
Until next month…
Best wishes